Ghost Guns

Guns Sense Candidate distinctionGhost gun legislation [in Annapolis] was the single most important piece of legislation to reduce gun violence in Montgomery County… I’m proud to be part of the team that was there to fight for the families of Montgomery County.”

— Perry addressing a Temple Beth Ami forum on April 3, 2022

Racial Equity and Equal Justice

There are still larger segments of Montgomery County where we have to initially establish trust and faith… between police, the State’s Attorney’s office, and the community…. to make sure that there’s true racial equity in hiring and in the treatment of those who [are] charged with an offense in Montgomery County.”

— Perry addressing a Temple Beth Ami forum on April 3, 2022

Behavioral Health Services

  • Retain behavioral health specialists on-site to advise attorneys and staff regarding behavioral health issues.
  • Develop juvenile programming focusing on adolescent health issues.

Worker Protections

  • Prosecute wage theft to ensure all workers — including low-wage and immigrant workers — receive the pay due to them.
  • Ensure workers receive meal breaks and overtime pay and aren’t forced to work off the clock without pay.

Implement Strategies for Safer Communities

  • Violent Crimes– Collaborate with local and regional law enforcement to address gang activity, carjackings, and other violent crimes in Montgomery County.
  • Domestic Violence– Expand focus on domestic violence crimes – specifically crimes involving married persons, the elderly, and other vulnerable populations.
  • Elder Abuse– Seniors are Montgomery County’s fastest-growing population due to the in-place aging of Baby Boomers. Perry will address crimes specifically. targeting our seniors including physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, financial/material exploitation, neglect, and abandonment.
  • Quality of Life Crimes– Perry will create a fair and balanced approach to quality of life crimes with a focus on diversion, intervention, and support services.

Meaningful Justice Reform

  • Expanding diversion opportunities for non-violent offenders
  • Ensuring police and prosecutor accountability
  • Reducing mass incarceration
  • Creating a clear and fair approach to marijuana cases
  • Eliminating the practice of requesting cash bail
  • Increasing opportunities for ex-offenders
  • Establishing a Conviction and Sentencing Integrity Unit
  • Implementing a data-driven approach to policy initiatives