“Every election cycle our members focus squarely on electing leaders who will fight for their families and represent the beautiful diversity of Maryland.  The candidates that we endorsed are the thought leaders and changemakers that share our values of respect for all Marylanders.”

Gustavo Torres, President, CASA In Action

Working Families Party logo

“Perry is the right state’s attorney candidate for Montgomery County at the right moment and we couldn’t be more proud to endorse him. For too long, we’ve seen failed tough on crime strategies do nothing but tear families and communities apart. We know Montgomery County is ready for changes that lead to real public safety and community stability. Diversion programs that keep people out of prison and productive members of society is the way forward and we’ll be organizing to get out the vote to make sure Perry Paylor is Montgomery County’s next State’s Attorney.”

Vidal Hines, Working Families Party National Political Strategist

JUFJ Campaign Fund logo

“Perry Paylor is committed to serve as State’s Attorney in the model of progressive prosecutors around the country, including creating transparency and accountability, charging children as children and not adults, and implementing restorative justice approaches. As a Montgomery County native who is currently Deputy State’s Attorney in Prince George’s County, he has the breadth of executive experience and the deep community connections needed to address the racial inequities embedded in Montgomery County’s criminal legal system, which is in urgent need of transformational change.”

Jews United for Justice Campaign Fund

JUFJ Campaign Fund logo

“We work to ensure that Montgomery County is represented by elected officials who reflect the diversity in the County, and who are responsive to the needs of all county residents, specifically African Americans and other underrepresented communities of color. [Perry Paylor has] expressed and demonstrated a commitment to inclusive participation and governing that align with fundamental values of our organization.”

Vincent Napoleon, Treasurer of CERG 2.0 PAC

Will Jawando endorses Perry Paylor

Perry Paylor has the right experience and character to be our next state’s attorney for Montgomery County. In this transformative time, we need leaders that will prioritize racial equity and keep families safe. Perry Paylor is the leader we need moving forward and that’s why I endorse his candidacy for state’s attorney.

Will Jawando, Montgomery County Council Member

Emily Shetty endorsement image

Our community is calling for thoughtful criminal justice reform. Perry Paylor is the type of leader who will partner with local and state elected officials to implement policies and practices that ensure justice and safety for all residents. As an experienced prosecutor and a current Deputy State’s Attorney, he is ready to lead on day one. I am pleased to endorse Perry for Montgomery County State’s Attorney.

Delegate Emily Shetty

Aisha Braveboy endorsement of Perry Paylor

Perry knows that Montgomery County deserves a State’s Attorney who will put their safety first, while administering a justice system that is effective, fair and restorative.  In his role as Deputy State’s Attorney, Perry works with local, State and Federal law enforcement officials to tackle violent crime. In addition, he has executed life-changing programs that have reduced recidivism and mass incarceration. I am proud to endorse Perry Paylor for Montgomery County State’s Attorney because he understands the assignment of the top law enforcement officer and is ready to lead.

Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Aisha Braveboy

Perry Paylor is an experienced business and community leader who understands how economic development, environmental changes, and poverty impact crime. He wants to implement a restorative justice approach to repair harm and restore community trust in the criminal justice system. He believes, and I agree, that we owe it to our community to deliver an employable workforce, which means we cannot allow youthful offenders to be bogged down with criminal records for low-level offenses that occurred as adolescents and young adults.

In his current role as a Deputy State’s Attorney, Perry works to provide the opportunity for low-level offenders to make amends with the community and self-improve through a strict accountability program that includes community service, life skills development, workforce training, and job placement. This allows residents who have paid their debts to society to have a fair chance at employment.

Montgomery County needs a leader like Perry Paylor and I’m proud to endorse him as the next Montgomery County State’s Attorney.

Valerie Ervin, Former Montgomery County Council Member

The first responsibility we have as voters is to vote for our values. Perry Paylor’s work history and campaign reflect the values I want to see elevated across our state.

Perry’s diligent work as an Assistant State’s Attorney, and later as Deputy State’s Attorney, have proven to me that he is a man of integrity who willingly collaborates with the community and other stakeholders to ensure we life in a just society. I know he’ll continue his track record of hard work, dedication, and compassion to ensure each of his constituents lives in the safest community possible. As voters, we deserve the best representation available to us. Perry Paylor offers that.

I’m encouraging all eligible voters to vote their conscience and their values and elect Perry Paylor as State’s Attorney for Montgomery County.

Sen. Ronald L. Watson, Maryland State Senate, District 23

Criminal justice is evolving across Maryland and the country. Voters don’t want more of “business as usual.” Instead, they’re asking for system reforms and representatives who understand their changing needs.

Perry Paylor’s campaign is focused on some of the top issues concerning all Marylanders: addressing and correcting behavioral health issues with compassion instead of harsh imprisonment, implementing new strategies that will create safer communities, and criminal justice reform. Because he understands all sides of the law and has the work history to prove it, Perry understands that reform needn’t be an opportunity to throw the proverbial baby out with the bathwater. He will champion the systems that work, and seek new ways to reform those that are no longer best serving his constituency.

I proudly endorse his candidacy for Montgomery County’s State’s Attorney and encourage all eligible voters to cast their ballots for him in June.

Sen. Michael A. Jackson, Maryland State Senate, District 27

I’ve been a student of the law for over 25 years, serving as a civil litigator in my own firm. I’ve seen firsthand the kind of leadership and determination it takes to enter civil service, and Perry’s track record as a criminal defense attorney and Deputy State’s Attorney prove to me that he’s capable of manning the helm of the office. His candidacy proves that he’s ready for the job.

I encourage voters to investigate his work history, interrogate his policies, and imagine what our communities could look like under this kind of leadership. I have, and it’s led me to proudly endorse Perry Paylor as Montgomery County’s next State’s Attorney.

Debra M. Davis, Maryland State Delegate, District 28

Perry Paylor is what Montgomery County needs. He is a visionary leader and has a heart and a mind for service.

As a behavioral health professional, I am happy to see that Paylor’s visionary platform includes creating space for on-site behavioral health experts to advise attorneys. He also pledges to be a catalyst for creating safer communities and reforming our outdated criminal justice system. These are promises I have full faith in him to keep.

I am pleased to announce my official endorsement of his candidacy. Perry Paylor is what Montgomery County needs and I am encouraging all eligible voters to cast their ballots for Perry Paylor and to join me in holding him accountable on his promises.

Rev. Dr. Gareth Murray, Former Maryland State Delegate, District 20

I’ve known Perry as a classmate, colleague, fellow parishioner, and friend for more than 30 years. Perry is a man of integrity who is well respected by family, friends, and civic leaders alike.

Perry and I worked together on the campaign to elect President Barack Obama. Now, it is Perry’s time to answer the call of service as an elected official. He is a native of Montgomery County and a smart and thoughtful leader, who enjoys strong ties to the community.

Perry is precisely the voice of justice the State’s Attorney’s Office needs at this crucial time in Maryland’s history. I wholeheartedly endorse Perry Paylor for Montgomery County State’s Attorney.

Spencer Overton, Election Law Scholar and Professor of Law at George Washington University